My Dream Being A Superstar Essay

1227 Words Apr 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever wanted something, but you get judged by your school, friends and even family? I just wanted to be normal. Have fun with friends and finally achieve my worldwide dream being a superstar. Those were my dreams ever since the violence and discouragement started. I only have one friend, which I’m grateful for her name is Alyssa. Oh, let me introduce myself, I’m Erika Leaflet 16 year old, black hair with brown highlights that reaches my waist, dark chocolate eyes and pretty tall. Also, did I mention I work as a part time waitress at a club just getting extra cash. I attend my local school which is Mencandrik High School.

Another Day came fast in the morning over at Sydney, I was preparing another torture at school, hearing all those conversations about me gets me emotional it was like waking up to a nightmare instead of a It was like the world didn’t want me anymore, it made me feel like an outsider. Sometime I just feel like running away and start a new cliche right.

I arrived at school, the school was enormously big didn’t expect it to receive another building that soon. I walked quickly more like running away towards my locker to put my bag, grab some books then head straight towards class.

Well, walking towards my first class of the day, suddenly i was pushed back against the wall. The biggest player in our school was standing in front of me started swearing and violently hitting me didn’t anyone teach him not hit a woman. Apparently not, note my sarcasm…

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