My Development As A Professional Nurse Essay

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Throughout this annotated bibliography I will analyze and critique three articles related to my development as a professional nurse. Furthermore, I will relate concepts analyzed in these articles to my student development that will carry with me well into my professional career.
Grilo, A. M., Santos, M. C., Rita, J. S., & Gomes, A. I. (2014). Assessment of nursing students and nurses ' orientation towards patient-centeredness. Nurse Education Today, 34(1), 35-39. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2013.02.022
In Grilo, Santos, Rita, and Gomes’s (2014) study focused in Portugal, the prevalence of patient-centered care is explored in regard to nurses and nursing students. In reference to the study, patient centred care can be described by Laine and Davidoff as “care that is congruent with, and responsive to patients” (as cited in Grilo et al., 2014). This essentially means that the patient is involved in all aspects of the nursing process, such as taking into account the patients thoughts and feelings when making decisions regarding the health plan. This approach is important for maintaining the patient’s autonomy, as well as creating a patient/nurse relationship that facilitates open discussion. This study explores the prevalence of patient-centred care among students in nursing school, as well as nurses with at least one year experience. The conclusion being that patient-centred care is still not a common approach, and that education may be a way to improve this finding.

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