My Deep Seated Appreciation For English Essay example

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I grew up in a household, which valued reading but it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I truly fell in love with the liberal arts. My seventh grade English teacher used Shakespeare to exemplify the modern dramatic literature style. Her passion for teaching and fondness of classical works instilled an eagerness to explore further literature. My deep-seated appreciation for English became stronger in high school, as I discovered authors such as Dostoyevsky and Hardy. My interest in the sciences also came to fruition when I began my biology courses, under an engaging instructor. If I had not had such amazing teachers throughout my educational experience, I would not have found my own passions. I want to teach in New York City because I want to offer the children, the same opportunities to fall in love with their education. I want to be the teacher that introduces students to the opportunities education could provide as an alternative to their local environments.

• Do you believe you will be effective in improving student academic achievement in these subject areas? If applicable, please include relevant personal, work, academic and/or volunteer experience that supports your interest in teaching one of these subjects. (150-250 words)
Although I believe I would be effective in improving student academic achievement in any of the subject areas, I feel most confident in English. As a group leader for St. Nick’s Alliance’s MS 577 Leadership Academy I have facilitated…

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