My Dad Died Unexpectedly From Cardiac Arrhythmia Essay

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My dad died unexpectedly from cardiac arrhythmia when I was 14 years old. This phrase has become my “go-to line” when people ask what happened. For them, it gives them all the information they need. However, it holds a different meaning for me, it holds how I felt when he died. Losing my father at such a young age changed quite a few social aspects of myself. A few common themes that emerged included the feeling of vulnerability, the feeling of having to grow up faster than everyone else, and an awareness of mortality. Overall, I found out that my life was going to be forever changed.
When my dad died, I felt as if the world needed a pause button. There were so many emotions escaping my brain day to day that I needed time to breathe. That’s when I realized, the world isn’t going to stop because others don’t share the same awareness that I have. For a while, I isolated myself from the world because I believed nobody else understood. This feeling of vulnerability hit me so suddenly after he passed partly because I felt like I didn’t have anyone to protect me anymore. I always knew that I could count on my father to be there no matter the time or place. He would always take my side even when I thought the world was against me. Losing him at such a pivotal time in my life made me feel lost, scared, and more than anything; vulnerable.
Society continuously conveys a message that teenagers should be carefree during this period in their life. Because of this, adults generally view…

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