My Childhood - Original Writing : A Ranch With Endless Acres Of Apple Trees Blooming

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I envisioned a ranch with endless acres of apple trees blooming, a quaint house near the back with various farm animals roaming around, a Father and Mother watching their children play amongst each other on a sunny spring afternoon. I’ve seen this farm in person, it’s now commercialized for the local sale of apples from the trees that still reside to this day. The sole structure of the old modest adobe home still stands, no roof, just the greenery that’s surrounded and grown throughout the home over the decades. Despite the fact that I’ve only been alive to see this land commercialized and the adobe house abandoned, my visits during apple picking season as a young girl lead my imagination to invent a childhood I assumed my grandmother lived.
She was born and raised in rural Mexico on a apple tree farm and was amongst the youngest of seven children. At the age of five years old her father left and never returned, leaving her mother on the farm to raise the children alone in severe poverty. There was constant scarcity for food and being barefoot was a norm but she made it clear that despite the circumstances, she lived a joyous childhood. There was no schooling in town beyond elementary school, resulting in the end of her education, her mother had previously not attended school at all. This caused her mother to work various jobs to provide for her children such as, washing clothes for locals, making tortillas to sell and ironing clothes. The outcome of no further schooling…

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