My Case Study, Openness To Experience At Thomas Nelson

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To begin this case study, I will begin with describing my personal background. I am eighteen years old, and I 'm male. I am unemployed and a full time student at Thomas Nelson. I have no history of drug or alcohol use, but my family tends to be moderate smokers and drinkers. My parents are divorced, I live with my mother while my father lives overseas in Bahrain. Regarding my social relationships, I am on good terms with my family and have a few good friends. My goals in life are to achieve a successful lifestyle as well as start a career as a computer programmer. Some of my skills are coding, studying, drawing, and analytical thinking. One of my major weaknesses is time management. I tend to procrastinate on larger tasks and put them off …show more content…
The first trait, Openness to experience is the measure of how curious a person is to discover and try new things. Those with low openness are described as closed-minded and uncreative. For openness, I rated myself as 5 based on the TIPI scale. I rated myself as a five because I always like to try new things such as foods or movies. I didnt rate myself as highly because although I feel that some change can be good, I prefer most things in my life to remain the same.

The second trait is Conscientiousness, which determines the reliability, diligence, and organization of an individual. People that rank poorly on this score are viewed as flexible but unreliable as well. I gave myself a low score of 2 on this particular trait. The reason why is that I’m a very laid back and unorganized person. I rarely plan things out in advance, and I don 't follow a strict schedule. Although I tend to be a lazy person, I will usually complete a task when told, so I can be relied on most of the
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Disagreeable people refuse to get along with others or are suspicious of them. I gave myself a neutral score of 4 for Agreeableness. While I find myself easily able to get along with other people, I have a hard time gaining their trust.

The last Trait, Neuroticism, is the rate at which people experience or feel negative emotions such as stress, sadness, or anger. People with low neuroticism have emotional stability, and are able to handle these emotions better than neurotics. In neuroticism, I rate myself as a 2.
I tend to have a cool composure, and rarely display these kinds of emotions and feelings around others. Although i do experience these emotions from time to time, they don 't have a noticeable impact on my daily

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