My Career Search For My Life Essay

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In my first career search for this course, I explained how my personal disability has had a major impact on my life. This disability has caused my career choices to be motivated by necessity rather than desire. In this career search, I would like to explore what my desired career choice would have been if I were not faced with the limitations that have been thrust upon me. As with my last career search paper, I have used the internet to find sites with reliable statistics and information pertaining to my career.

I have always been very passionate about wildlife and the environment. Even as a young boy, I was very active outdoors and longed to be associated with groups that helped sustain the environment. My family was very active in Scouts. I grew up through the ranks of Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Scouts taught me how to not only identify plants and animals, but how to enjoy the wilderness without leaving an impact on it. A passion grew in me to help the environment and love the land I stand on. Rangers of the many parks we visited presented an abundance of education to the Scouts. After years of influence in land conservation, I dreamed of one day being able to provide the same experience I loved as a boy; I dreamed of becoming a Forest Ranger.

A Forest Ranger’s job is to help maintain and safeguard the forest areas of this country. He is essentially the guardian of everything that inhabits forestland. Some of the duties include, planting seeds and maintaining a watchful…

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