My Career Leadership Evaluation I Discovered That I Was A Blue Green Personality

946 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
From the Dewey Color Assessment for the Career Leadership Evaluation I discovered that I was a blue-green personality. From this result, I was presented with new information on my personality and how to influence others. Some qualities I learned more about were my natural talents and how to succeed in a work environment, strengths and weaknesses, and important characteristics that related to possible future careers. While, the assessment seems ridiculous, the results were surprising, and encouraging. As a blue-green personality I am considered an anchor meaning I am supportive and nurturing, and have the ability to listen honestly and sympathetically. It also means that I am curious about others and am sensitive to their needs. In the workplace, I enjoy listening to others, and working with them to fulfill requests to help improve efficiency. Also, working in an environment where there are different people every day is best suited for my personality. Some of my strengths include; being driven, practical, disciplined, and knowing how to set limits. However, I also have weaknesses including; being too determined to accomplish a task, too logical, too unstoppable, and forgetting when to have fun. I find that I am a methodical thinker and tend to, logically, think through my actions. However, I am also action driven meaning that when I do decide to act, I jump right in and do whatever it takes to make the situation work. I would have to agree with the results of this…

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