Earning My Degree In The Curriculum And Educational Technology Program

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I am in my fourth year of teaching in York County, for a total of five years teaching high school science in Virginia. During those five years, I have taught high school students at the: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior levels. Educational technology is always a vital part of each grade level. I want to be a contributing, valuable member of the Curriculum & Educational Technology (CET) program. Earning my degree in CET will help me pursue my dream of becoming a leader and innovator in educational technology. Through leading other teachers and innovating creative technological lessons, I will impact not only the students I instruct in my classroom, but help classroom teachers and students on a wide scale.
My background and training
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They require an extra investment in time; however, the benefits are enormous because effective technological literacy and critical thinking span the entire curriculum and drive individuals toward success. After absorbing much research throughout the past years, I have honed my focus on teaching problem solving skills and styles of thinking which really challenge students to reassess their viewpoints. In addition, I have improved my strategies for engaging students using technology in my classroom. With the added portability of current technology, it is now rare for my students to complete field work without either recording their work, taking pictures or entering their data directly into an interactive …show more content…
I am excited about assisting other teachers in their use of educational technology within their lessons to best benefit their students.
My current focus is to continue to develop relevant and engaging lessons in addition to developing a separate highly effective online curriculum focused on assisting long-term homebound students. My students love to challenge standing concepts and theories, and they love to share what they have deducted from field work. I enjoy challenging their theories in classroom debate and jump at the chance to play devil’s advocate to further strengthen their claims. I strive to motivate all students to improve their skills, and I know that engagement and a solid technical foundation are doorways to this

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