Reflective Essay: A Career In Higher Education

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I have changed my major five times throughout my first year at California University of Pennsylvania. Obviously, it was easy to say that I was not sure what I planned to do with my life. I spent hours looking at each major that Cal U offered and what the career options and the income that come with it. Most of the interesting majors I found I felt that I did not have the skillset for, so I kept looking. I asked around, to my family and my friends, about what career they saw me in. I received so many different answers and considered them all. Eventually, I released that the reason I 'm in college is to learn the skills that the career has. After looking through the list of majors one last time I decided to major in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I might not have the all skills that people think of when they …show more content…
One might say that maybe I should reconsider my future if I think I lack the needed skills for it, but I knew I was going to learn these needed skills. It is my first semester in this major which means my first time taking any communication course. I can honestly say I was a bit scared when I first went into these classes. During them I was terrified that maybe I made another mistake and maybe I picked the wrong major and possible future career; again. I thought I lacked the needed skills and feared that I might never be able to acquire them. Then during one of my classes, Introduction to Public Relations, my professor put up a list of skills that Public Relations all have. Things on the list included public speaking, organization, writing, etc., then I realized that I have these skills already. According to Bolles, “if you’re going to identify your dream job… you must above all else identify your functional, transferable skills” (142). Now, knowing that I have that the needed skills for my major and career I knew that I could succeed in my

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