Essay on My Career Goals : The Dnp Program At The Mgh Ihp

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My career goals would include continuing to work as an advanced practice psychiatric nurse, pursuing a doctorate in nursing, and applying my education to become a nurse leader while maintaining an advanced clinical practice. Since I have already worked in advanced practice, obtaining a doctorate would simply further my knowledge and skill base and promote my career by giving me numerous options from which to choose in the work world. I would like to attend the DNP program at the MGH IHP primarily because of its reputation and excellent faculty and also because of the extensive options, the program would give me. In today‚Äôs competitive workplace, it is important to stay up-to-date with educational trends to keep up with a demanding workload. A practice-based doctorate would give me an advantage, as I would be able to use current knowledge in an ever-changing job market. A purely research-based doctorate may not dictate relevant skills and knowledge that would translate well into any progressive work environment. The strengths I would bring to the DNP program at the MGH IHP would be my dedication to the field of nursing, my work ethic, and my perseverance through difficult situations. I also have an abundance of superior ideas to help boost the nursing profession, and I have years of experience working as a nurse and now as an advanced practice nurse. I utilize training-based skills and knowledge to help change individual behaviors in practice. A combined knowledge…

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