Future Career Goals

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My career goals in life is to become an Elementary School teacher, preferably in kindergarten. The reasons I am considering this job, is because I think that teaching young children is shaping the future of America. I love children and by helping them learn and expanding their knowledge, brings joy to my heart. Knowing that I can somehow make a small change in the world. The top three values that are most important to me have been the same all my life it seems like. Organization, being a teacher, I will need my life organized. I must always make sure I have my papers organized, as well as my classroom. By having my papers and classroom organized, my days would run smoother, because I would know where everything is located. Communication is another important value to me. This will be important for my future career, because I should communicate daily with my students, students’ parents, the faculty in the school, other students, and the community. My last value I find important is responsibility. I have been taught all my life to accept responsibility in my actions, accomplishments, mistakes, and daily things. By owning up to my mistakes as a teacher, it will let the children know that even I my mistakes and it is okay. Three skills I have that are important and how they will make me …show more content…
By doing this, I am putting my name out in the schools. I will also become a substitute, so when I am looking for a job I can still be in the school, learning more. This will also put my name out in the community and within the school I am subbing in. I will plan to join clubs that has to do with my future career. I am already a member of Future Teachers of America. Within this club, we talk about how to create lesson plans and put together things to go out in the community and volunteer at different

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