My Career Goals And Goals Essay

762 Words Dec 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Two years ago, applying to college to me would have been my highest goal and accomplishment. That was two years ago, my current goals and ambitions are to not only attend UCLA but to graduate Nursing school with at least my masters in nursing. I realized settling for third best or even second best was not good enough anymore, in order to excel in college and perform my best in my undergraduates study I need to be determined, focused, and goal oriented. Getting into UCLA and into the nursing school are not just goals to me that seem so far off, now I feel they are so close that I can almost grab them. My personal assessment of my potential for undergraduate study and for a professional career in nursing, is that I’m ready and determined to give it my all and concentrate all my time into my studies if need be. I understand the apprehension associated with young adults entering the nursing program, but I feel I am much more matured than the average young adult and will have help from my step-father who is currently a nurse if I’m ever struggling. I feel nursing is a rewarding career because every day I go into to work I will be able to give back to those in desperate need of help and also make the community healthier. A good nurse needs to be responsible, dedicated, compassionate, and caring. These essential building blocks of a good nurse can be found in my personality, because I try determined and responsible with my three AP’s trying to finish every assignment two days…

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