Essay about My Career As A Nurse Practitioner

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My first career interest is to be a Nurse Practitioner started at a very young age when I wanted to take care of my parents when they were ill. I would always tell my parents I will take good care of them as they get older. Let alone, I enjoyed helping and taking care of people. In my spare time I would volunteer at local nursing home to visit the elderly patients and interact with them. Visiting the patients in a nursing brings lots of joy and happiness to me. With that being said, life has taking me in different career direction, however, I am finally able to pursuing my dream and goal of become nurse. As I continue to pursue my journey there are several areas of the health care occupation that will enlighten me about my career of choice such as the job description, education and certification, employment and professional activities. A nurse practitioner is considered as an advance practical registered nurse with an advance education and clinical experience. The nurse practitioner provides health care services to people of all ages. For example, he or she can administer a complete physical examination, diagnose and treat all patients. Also, they can order and interpret tests, such as blood work, X-rays and prescribe medications. The minimum education needed in order to be a nurse practitioner is a Master 's Degree in Nursing. However, to get there you must first complete the following education requirements. First, to be a registered nurse is 2 to 5 years of…

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