Current Interview For A FHT NP Roles

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1.During the current interview for a FHT NP position, Mira expresses that she would like to embrace all competencies of the NP role which would require some protected time that does not involve direct clinical care or administration work. The CEO of the FHT asks her to elaborate on what she means by “all competencies”? Further to this, they request her to provide some examples of how she envisions the NP competencies would align with the FHT mandate of improving access and providing quality primary health care to the community. According to CNO’s NP practice standard (2016), NPs needs work within legal scope of practice and Collaborate/consult with others to achieve best outcomes for patients. In order to meet the requirement of practice …show more content…
During her initial appointment, she can first introduce herself as an NP; then she can ask the patient how much he/she knows about NP. If they are knowledgeable, then Mira can just clarify some question. If they know nothing about NP, Mira can spend some time to introduce her roles, particularly clinical roles and scope of practice. Thirdly, Mira can explain the multidisciplinary care and situation for collaboration and consultation. Finally, Mira can encourage patient to ask question. 4. At a social event six months later, a friend inquires with Mira on how her new job is going? Mira responds positively. Her friend respectfully inquires with Mira as to what the difference between an NP and a Physician; she also asks why she did not choose the latter career? How would Mira respond to articulate the unique contribution the NP? Mira will probably explain the different traditional approach between an NP and a physician. She will explain traditionally, nurses, including NPs, focus more on holistic care which view people as a whole. They cooperate other factors, such socioeconomic status, social connection, culture background etc, into practice in order to care for the patient. A physician focuses more on absent of disease and provide treatment to the

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