My Career And Personal Experiences In Counselor Education And Professional Development

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Personal /Professional Goals
My decision to pursue a doctorate was made 5 years ago while I was obtaining my Master’s degree in the Graduate School of Counseling at George Fox University (GFU). A number of personal and professional experiences have influenced my commitment to advancing my career through the completion of my PhD. After I receive my degree, I do not have one specific plan but rather hope to expand my counseling and education repertoire through researching best practices, teaching students in a counseling program. I will continue to serve marginalized populations through needed services, education, advocacy, and promoting social change.
There have been a variety of influences that led me to choose Counselor Education and Supervision;
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Although I never considered giving up, I did feel lost until it came time to complete my Senior Capstone. I chose to work at the boys and girls club in an impoverished community, and it was that experience that led me to the path of a helping profession.
My grad school experience was amazing; the course content came easy for me and I enjoyed being a part of a program that emphasized cultural diversity, social justice, and advocating for the profession, as well as clients.
During Graduate school another student and I began discussing the research that showed our home state was number one in the nation for sex trafficking. This discovery led us to research the sex industry as whole, and implement a plan to reach out to this special population.
I graduated GFU with a 3.9
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I have worked with human trafficking victims that were sold into sexual slavery, and those who chose prostitution, pornography or stripping as a viable way off life. In my current position as a teacher, I have had the opportunity to get to know my students on a deeper level through building quality relationships. Working in a high needs, high risk school district, where 86% of our student population lives in poverty, has taught me to see the world through a multi-faceted

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