Essay on My Career And Career Goals

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It has been my longtime dream to get into the medical field. I have planned for this career since I was a little girl. My mother started talking to me about college when I was in elementary school. I can remember sitting in the back seat as she drove, and I listened to her talk about me going to college. College was always on my mind. As I grew older we went from discussing going to college to what I wanted my career to be. I’ve laid out the steps that will get me to my educational and career goal dreams.
In junior high my dad was in a serious motorcycle accident and he almost died. He was care flight lifted to the hospital where he underwent many hours of surgery. He had many pins placed in his hips knees, and had to undergo many months of physical therapy. I visited him in the hospital a lot. During my time there I had a sense of ease and comfort when I saw how well the nurses and doctors cared for my dad. I was very scared during those months, worried my dad would never walk again. I got to know the various doctors and nurses that cared for my dad very well, and they made me feel better each time I visited. The same nurse would come in and see me. She would tell me how my dad was doing during his physical therapy. The doctors knew me by name and joked with my dad when they visited. It was then when I decided I wanted to help people, and become a nurse.

It was my visual goal to go to college, become a registered nurse, and get my masters in nursing. The…

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