My Capstone Leadership Book Report Essay

2346 Words Mar 11th, 2015 10 Pages
The second book assigned to me for my capstone leadership book is Leading with data: Pathways to improve your school. This topic is not a new subject to me with having read about data for several classes here at ACE. Data has never been so relevant in the field of education. Data is important to make changes on campus or illustrate results that must essential for schools to stay in operation. Every year schools look at data and decide what areas they need to improve upon if they want to make improvements on their student achievement. Schools use data to help figure out what professional development activities they implement throughout the year to strengthen a weakness. I know in my experience as a teacher we have had a lot of data driven discussions on how to improve our individual classes and our campus as a whole. This book is a great tool on how to properly use data to improve your school. In the first section the first major point that jumped out to me from this section was the four key decisions for data-driven decision making. The four are: “To work toward continuous improvement, to meet accountability requirements, to focus efforts and monitor progress, and to develop a sense of community through organization learning” (Goldring, 2009, pgs. 6-7). These four areas are topics I have studied in my time in this educational leadership program. The practices are something that every school should strive for on their campus and develop with their staff. I’m…

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