My Brother Jack Essay

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MY BROTHER JACK 1.There are numerous reasons why this novel is titled My brother Jack. The title My Brother Jack deludes the reader in thinking the novel is based on Jack, yet we find that the prevailing concern is not ‘My Brother Jack’ at all. The title suggests a rewriting of Jack’s life. The novel is also called My Brother Jack because of the fact that the author George Johnston, portrayed as David had a brother named Jack, with whom he shared a good relationship with and was also a prominent person in his life. Since Jack is the person in whom David has the greatest sense of identity and reverence, it may well be an appropriate title. In the novel My Brother Jack David often writes about Jack and …show more content…
Through the lies that David told and the pain that he caused it is quite clear that George Johnston has used the theme of deception throughout the novel. 3. There is an obvious contrast between his outer success and his inner failure. His outer success is noticeable in the changes of his character and his achievement in work. From being quiet and lacking in social skills, he became well known, sociable and a confident man who knew how to communicate and laugh with others. David became an outward success in the job he was in. From the beginning work as a lithographer, he worked his way up acquiring success in becoming a writer and earning a substantial salary. He had succeeded outwardly by becoming a writer but he failed inwardly as a person. Although he retained an outer success, he never experienced fulfilment. He did not possess inner confidence and failed to form any deep relationships with his family and friends. David failed in his relationship with his wife, which is also a reason to his inner failure. He was miserable in his relationship although his feelings were never shown. David states ‘… To have travelled the world as I had I had only to have to drop back again into mundane horrors at the Beverly Gardens Estate, and Helen’s bright parties…’ (pg 345). Displaying his inner failure as a person. David’s outer success and inner failure was obvious in the

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