My Book, And You Could Choose Whatever It Was About Essay

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When I was in the fifth grade, I was assigned to write a book. The assignment was to write a “How to” book, and you could choose whatever it was about. So, I came up with my topic and I believed it was the beginning on the greatest book of all time. I spent time hand illustrating and writing every word on every page. Then, all I had left to do was make the title and cover of the book. With a lot of thought, I chose to call my book How to Wash Your Dog, it was literally steps on washing a dog. Looking back on it, this really was not a great book, but as a young fifth grader I thought it was a work of art. It caused me to have an appreciation for authors and all of the work they have to go through to make the plot of a book desirable to read. This started a chain effect on my love for reading. Over time, people become more literate, developing the ability to perform and understand different types of skills. Just as I have become more literate in reading.
I love reading. After I had written How to Wash Your Dog, and got a good grade on it, my love for reading soared. I just wanted to get my hands on every book I could see. I remember that one of my favorite books was Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. My teacher would read chapters to us every day and I became very invested in the story of the Danish girl striving to get her Jewish friends to safety from the Nazis. My teacher read different books to us weekly and reading time was my favorite time. I thought they were so…

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