The Pros And Cons Of The Harry Potter Series

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In 1997, J. K. Rowling’s first of seven books in the Harry Potter series was released. The book quickly became a best-selling phenomenon and so did it’s successors as most young adult readers found themselves hooked and simply couldn’t get enough of Harry Potter. Although the series became highly popular, it also brought wide-spread controversy with some parents and teachers who were under the impression that the book promoted the occult, witchcraft, and evil. This perception led to attempts to ban the book series from many schools and libraries. Contrarily, the Harry Potter series should not be banned because it provides lessons on moral values, promotes a healthy mind, it facilitates creativity.
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Although Harry’s life started out on the rough side, he continued to make smart choices in order to overcome the many challenges thrown his way. Important messages in regards to the concepts of Courage, Trust, Friendship, and Goodness are constantly portrayed throughout the series. With Harry’s first trip to Hogwarts, he makes friends that soon become family, and with their continuous support through both the good and bad times Harry learns the true value of friendship. With Ron and Hermione by his side, Harry trusts that his friends will not lead him down the wrong path. Although provoked by the dark lord, the three comrades stick together using magic only for the power of goodness and fighting evil, showing great courage. These strategically placed concepts in the series do not go un-noticed. When Senland surveyed both biblical and liberal child readers, each group identified courage and friendship as key themes (152). In response to the survey one biblical child explained, "The power of friendship, love, and trust is a lot greater than evil," while a liberal child claimed, "I learned that no matter what, good friends will always stand by your side" …show more content…
Lee, Therriault, and Linderholm found that being immersed in a new culture also encourages creative thought as well (767). It can be argued that the Harry Potter series and the new culture that came with it sparked a generation that is open to creative thought and new possibilities. McWilliam and Haukka determined that, “creative capital…the human ingenuity and high level problem-solving skill that leads to fresh opportunities, ideas, products and modes of social engagement is emerging as the most valuable”(654) in the workforce. Allowing young readers the opportunity to choose their reading material, whatever it may be, will foster their love for reading, expand their creative horizons, and ultimately lead to a generation of more creative and critical thinking

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