Essay on My Best Friend Who Shot The Thin Blue Line

876 Words Oct 17th, 2015 4 Pages
There is so much hatred in this world; I found it hard to pinpoint one particular case. There is the man who shot the churchgoers in South Carolina. The Syrian refugees with the mistrust and hatred that seems to follow them wherever they go. Daily life in Egypt is another great minefield of topics. I spent several hours searching through Bing and Google. Trying to determine what exactly would qualify as current, what could I highlight? What resonated with me? Then I remembered the terror my best friend lived this past summer, just two short months ago. For her husband is one who walks the thin blue line. These past ten months have been a series of ups and downs in their lives unlike any other.
To understand the full scope, we must travel back to 2014. A young man by the name of Michael Brown robbed a convenience store. He was found walking down the middle of the street by an officer. A tussle followed as Brown attempted to wrestle the officer’s gun away from him. He then ran off, and the officer followed. Brown then stopped and began to move towards the officer. Twelve shots were fired killing Brown. Evidence points to forward movement up until the last fatal shot. False witness accounts that claimed Brown had his hands up led to riots in Ferguson. It lead to a misconception that blacks were less important than whites. That white officers were as a whole were prejudiced and inclined to kill black suspects for the color of their skin. It turned into a seething caldron of…

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