Essay on My Best Friend Recommended Yoga

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Over the past week I started to take notes on a 1 to 5 scale of my behavior, mental health, sleep, and the results surprised me a little. My sleep patterns range from long nights such as 12 hours to very little periods such as 5 hours of sleep. Although it didn’t matter how much or little I slept my mental and energy levels were always very low and in a sort of depressive state. I 'm not sure how long this has been going on but I have noted that it has impaired my daily activities. My best friend recommended yoga to me in which she has done for just over a year now. She tells me that it has helped improve her energy, attitude towards life and that she sleeps better than she did before. Bembu a website I came across had a article called 27 Amazing Benefits of Yoga (Connect Your Mind and Body) it talked about 27 benefits of yoga backs up what she aid plus some. The website states that energy levels will increase, better sleep, a more positive outlook on life, and other things that I wasn’t needing but wouldn’t hurt to have such as better flexibility, posture balance, strength, lowers heath issues such as blood pressure and cholesterol and many more.


So I plan on adding yoga to my daily routine. Over this next week or the first three days I am going to do yoga at night right before I got to bed. The next three days I will do yoga in the morning right after I wake up. On the last day I have plans to go over to my best…

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