Essay about My Belief That Using A Calendar Helps Manage Time

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Most people have a belief that helps them to achieve their goals. Belief is a kind of state in people 's mind which help them to check the correction of many things. My belief that using a calendar helps manage time and shows me a clear plan and schedule when I am not sure what should do. Making a schedule is a habit and belief of mine which I have had since I was young.

Schedule is helpful and rational for people managing their time and schedule. When 1I was young, my parents and teachers asked me to make a rational and clear schedule. It is important for me to manage time of my life and study. I can achieve homework and goals on time, because I always update my schedule. Some people complain they do not have enough time to finish their work. It is a wrong understanding that they do not have a specific plan. For example, if they have a specific schedule to help them to manage their time and achieve their work, they will clearly know what they should do and they will never think they do no have enough time. I used to like to finish my homework at last second just before the deadline and I was always late for class and important appointments. In the end, I missed my appointments and did not achieve many tasks, because I do not have deadline in high school in China. When I came to America to study at Arizona State University, I realized I need to finish all of the homework or tasks before the deadline and I could not miss more than 5 minutes after the class started. I…

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