My Aspiration in Life Essay

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When a very essential question is asked to most of the students between class 9th to 10th that what is their aspiration or frequently asked what do u want to do further, or which stream are you going to take science, commerce or arts, only a few of them actually have definite answers to these questions .More than 80% of the students don t really know what career they want to make. Mostly students just choose to fulfill their parents dream as they have no clue what they want to do.

I too belong to the same group of students who didn’t know their aspirations. But there is a little twist here. I had so many things which I desired to do, or aimed to do, or to be but since I’m just a human & not a superhuman to be able to do what I desired.
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I want to help many people out there who require blood. There are thousand out there who are thalesmia patients .Thinking of it my body is able to make blood for my requirement but their body isn’t efficient in making the blood as per they requirement so why not help them. Not only them these days we have so many accidents taking place where often patients lose a lot of blood which is the reason of their death. It’s like investing surplus funds into companies or banks & gaining returns. Now I know what you guys are thinking what’s the return or benefit I get by doing so. Is it really compulsory to do everything for our benefit?? .Of course not .But the returns I would get would be in the form of love, blessing ,prayers , good wishes, & believing that humanity still exists in this cruel & greedy world where people are only bothered about themselves. At the end the happiness on their face & in eyes, the gratitude they would feel towards me would make me richer than anyone else in the world. Its one of the best feelings to know that the smile or happiness on someone’s face & heart is just because of you. You all should try to do something for people & the feeling you get is like out of this world.

I have also thought that once when I’m well settled in my life I would donate money to NGO s who are engaged in taking care of the orphans ,old aged people or girls & women who have been through a

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