My Applied Learning Experience In Jenson's Reflection

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Part 1: Jensen Reflection
Reflect on how the 7 critical factors influenced the way you worked with your tutee.
In the book, "Brain in Matter," Jenson identifies seven critical factors of teaching which are engagement, repetition, input quantity, coherence, timing, error correction, and emotional states. My tutee's favorite subject was social studies and he loves hands on activities so it did not take much to get him engaged. I used repetition when working with my tutee as well as visual activities to keep him engaged. For example, one day I was helping him on a states and capitals worksheet. When he became very lost and could not stay focused on what exactly we were working on. We would use a jumbo size globe of the states and capitals as a visual to review the content every visit before the assignment for that day. My mentor teacher did a great job at reducing the input quantity of her lessons by focusing on one topic at a time. She would introduce a topic, give a brief review
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My Applied Learning Experience for EDUC 3320 took place at Hico Elementary School this fall. I had the privilege to observe a fabulous fifth grade teacher that loved her job and working with students. My mentor teacher was a Social Studies and English teacher, while her teaching partner taught Math and Science. I was able to interact with a total of twenty-one children of different ethnicities, genders, and academic levels. Throughout my ten observations for one hour a week I learned so much that will benefit me as a future educator.
Now, analyze the essential knowledge acquired in various college classes outside the College of Education which enhanced this experience. Provide specific examples of these "lessons learned" and analyze the explicit connections to your EDU3320 applied learning experience. Include 3 or more specific examples of applications from coursework outside the College of

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