My Analysis About a Sound of Thunder Essay

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My Analysis about A Sound of Thunder --By Lillian ( Class:2, No:2)
A Sound of Thunder is a short story written by Ray Bradbury which belongs to the genre of science fiction. The story set in A.D.2055 when time travel is possible, this is the story of a travel agency, Time Safari Inc., that arrangeed hunting trips back in time to hunt dinosaurs. It is also a futuristic story about how changing a small thing can result in a huge change somewhere down the timeline. In this case, a nervous hunter, Eckels, stepped off the trail, and stepped on a butterfly. The historical repercussions of the death of a single butterfly, compounded by millions of years of effects.
What I want to know is why Eckels’ behaviour
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To be honest, I don’ t think Eckels behaviour did not have effects on the histroy, but all the effects are not negtive. Neither Bradbury's time travellers nor the accident prone Homer J. Simpson could predict what consquences their actions would have, but suffice it to say that all actions have consequences big and small. If you are time travelling it might be wise to stay on the path to avoid changing history, but looking forward we should do the opposite. There is no telling how one small action can change the world for the better. Eckels’ behaviour maybe have a positive effect on histroy and we don’ t know, but we can not eliminate the possibility of it.
I deduce it from this story because Ray Bradbury used various techniques and hints. The fact that we are left to deduce this for ourselves means that the story becomes more interesting because we are given the hints find these things, which like telling us where something is but not actually showing us. For my part, it makes me feel good about myself because I feel like found it all by myself. For example, when Eckels and the group were in the time machine and Travis told Eckels to ‘“Go out there. The Monster’s next to the Path. Stick your arms up to your elbows in his mouth. Then you can come back with us.” Form this we are left to imagine what Eckels did but it doesn’t actually tell us so that we have chances of combining our own thoughts.
Above all, nothing is

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