What I Learned In English Class Essay

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As a student, I am always eager to learn and ready to be actively engaged in all activities inside of the classroom. I am a student ready to gain the knowledge and become better in all subject areas, even in those where I am not so enthusiastic about the material. My junior year was a year full of rigorous AP (Advanced Placement) courses and a year full of important testing, which required me to dedicate a greater amount of time into my studies. One of the most difficult subjects for the year was AP English Literature and Composition and was taught by a teacher that had been known to be challenging and frustrating. I came into the classroom with an open mind and the best attitude possible, despite the many warnings I had received.
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I think that the biggest problem was her teaching style that I wasn’t acclimated to. It was just really strange to not have a day of lecture, but all we did was get lengthy reading assignments and criticism on the work we had done. We’d nearly spend half an hour listening to her lecture the other students in the class that weren’t academically inspired about how they needed to increase their activity in and outside of class, which I found to be a waste of valuable time and very frustrating. I wanted to learn and better my skills because I wanted to ace the exam, but I felt I was held back by my own teacher. I always believed that the teachers needed to give lectures and provide help, but the mindset was to go get your own help or fail. Initially, I thought that this class would provide structure and guidance to earn the qualifying score, but my teacher’s opinion was clearly different than what I believed. The situation was stressful, time consuming, and very frustrating for me to handle. I’ve never had so much difficulty with a class and it was mind boggling for me because I could not provide my own solution with such different opinions. Nevertheless, I endured the storm of

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