My Active Listening Conversation During The Nova Ambassador Program At Jsom

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My active listening conversation occurred during my first training workshop for the NOVA ambassador program at JSOM. It was a Friday afternoon, and among the attendees were 3 staff members and the 14 NOVA ambassadors, including myself. We were at a small classroom that invited people to seat close to each other, allowing a closer group interaction. I took a sit right in the middle of the classroom, facing right at the presenter, a school faculty member, with a notebook and pencil at hand. While the presentation was not only directed to me, it was very informative and required strong active listening skills as we were going to do a mock presentation based on the material presented. Therefore, I decided to fully engage in the presentation allowing myself to ask questions, take notes, and show interest through non-verbals.

Topic: Campus Tour Best Practices

Chad (presenter): “Hello everyone, thank you for being here and welcome to the NOVA Team. We will be covering all you need to know about campus tours, so that you can be an amazing tour leader for our incoming and prospect students.”
(He then went on to covering the basics of giving a campus tour)

While he spoke, I was picturing myself going through the halls and buildings of our University giving the tour as he narrated. I nodded very often and made phatic signals, as I rediscovered my own University through the many unknown traditions and facts that Chad covered in the workshop.
Chad continued…

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