Musical Choices In Comparise's Pierrot Lunaire By John Varese

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My ranking is least favorite to most favorite with the exception with Varese poem Electronique and John Cage sonatas and interlude I could not figure out which I like the less, so I decided to place both at the bottom of the list. This period was not my favorite period so the musical choices I had was not very appealing.

Varese 's Poem Electronique concept of using different noise to compose music was very intriguing and exciting but the execution of this concept was disappointing as it had no rhythm, not much of a beat there was aspect that were promising that if it would incorporated some tradition aspect of music such as instrument or some melody that it could been enjoyable but really felt like a bunch of noise put together.
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The last part of the music where the flue imitated the piano gave a good closing as if it was as a moving fading in to black.

With Schoenberg 's "A Survivor from Warsaw" being more enjoyable then “pierrot lunaire”,Although the speaking format is not my favorite type of style it was in English and I enjoy it more the “pierrot lunaire’ but it could be that I am bit bias as I was able to understand because it was in a language that I can understand. The musical instrument add a dramatic flair to the narration as if you were in the story. The quick tempo and French horn created an intense felling of uneasy as something was about to happen.

Bartok 's Concerto for Orchestra, Movement II is not my most favorite but it is also not my least favorite it would fall in the middle of my list.The ternary from help me follow the pattern of the music and for me is easier to listen to, I really like interaction of the oboes and string as the oboes does really good job supporting the string with the sustaining tones. I also like how the high tempo and the imitation crate a playfulness
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To where the end comes in with a full orchestra giving this piece a statue of grandeur. This score remind of the romantic era heavy on melody and lot of imitation that I ranked this piece my 6th favorite. Zwilich 's Concerto Grosso was very somber in mood that was attributed by the sustaining tone of the basso. The strings instrument like the viola repeated crescendo brought a sense of climatic nature that got me in on edge state of mind. I like when music is so profound that it act as stimuli that my body is responding unexpected. I this why I rank it as my third favorite.
I would rank Ginastera’s Estancia Suite, Op. 8 (Malambo) as my second best as the speed of the tempo was fast but not distracting. I also enjoy the parts of the xylophone as I rarely hear this instrument in music and

how it was use enhanced the experience of listening to Malambo. The melody was very energetic to where it felt like it personified movement in the B part of the AAB

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