Interlude And Electronique Essay

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My ranking is least favorite to most favorite with the exception with Varese poem Electronique and John Cage sonatas and interlude I could not figure out which I like the less, so I decided to place both at the bottom of the list. This period was not my favorite period so the musical choices I had was not very appealing.

Varese 's Poem Electronique concept of using different noise to compose music was very intriguing and exciting but the execution of this concept was disappointing as it had no rhythm, not much of a beat there was aspect that were promising that if it would incorporated some tradition aspect of music such as instrument or some melody that it could been enjoyable but really felt like a bunch of noise put together.
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The woodwinds did a nice job accompany the strings instrument and brought a little satisfaction but overall it was too slow for what am accustom to.
Stravinsky 's Rite of Spring, Introduction and Omens of Spring is my third to last as the brass instrument in this pieces was too harsh for my test but I did like the omen section as the repeated polychord give a sense of suspense that cause a dramatic felling of combat. I tend to not to like syncopated accents as it cause a little bit of distress and annoyance and could not enjoy as much as I enjoy the first part of omens and daces. I did however like the tempo change and the introduction of drums during the ritual of abduction
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I love the simplistic of the Gregorian chant and how it use a very straight forward ABA form, as well as only using vocal. That it can produce such a powerful and moving music. Also that fact that it had a very monophonic texture but yet it was so bold and full can show what the human voice can do. Moving to the baroque period is little bit hard to say which my favorite is with many great works.
The baroque period produce a lot of great works but I my favorite is Vivaldi- La Primavera Concerto for violin and String Orchestra, OP.8, No.1 is a bit of cliché but it still my favorite it reminds of the holidays and the string melody is very joyful and the song of the birds masterly composed as I felt that I can see birds flying around in a dance of courtship in my mind’s eye. The classical period had a lot of influence from the baroque era but did had it own distinct style.
The style of Mozart , symphony No. 40 in G Minor, Frist movement was exhilarating as the tempo express a lot of movement and energy the complexity violins with accompaniment of violas give a lot of texture is like an explosion of rhythm the changing of tempo help catch your breath as you can get ready for a faster movement as the end of the brief pause. This music really comes to life and like a wonderment that you can see kid’s eyes. Lastly the romantic era was era that I felt it was lacking but I did have some

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