Essay on Music Rating Inventory ( Bmri )

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In order to generate a ten-song playlist that typically assists me in achieving physical health while doing exercises, I started to select music from those I usually listened to while I was walking or doing exercises. I was struggling at first when I simply sat down and selected songs in my iPod, because there seemed to be a lot of songs that could be chosen as long as the beats were not too slow and the styles were lively, which made me confused about how to limit the playlist to only ten songs and how to suitably match various kinds of exercises with different songs, in order to meet the physical health purpose. Later, I started to utilise Brunel Music Rating Inventory (BMRI), which was a psychometric measure developed and standardised by Karageorghis, Terry and Lane (1999) to evaluate the motivational qualities of music in sport and exercise settings. I chose running on the treadmill as the exercise I would assess the songs with by applying the most recommended version, the BMRI-3 (Karageorghis, 2008). While I was running, I listened to the songs and paid attention to the musical features such as tempo, rhythm, volume, harmony or lyrics to see whether they were beneficial to my physical exercise. By rating the songs according to BMRI-3 (6-42) while running, I preferred songs with the benefits such as making my muscle more excitable, making me happy or affording me with incentives during running (DeNora, 2000). Considering my actual process of doing exercises in the gym, I…

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