Essay about Music Is An Important Thing

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Music is an important thing in people’s life. Music has grown with people generation to generation, and it gets change time over time. Must of people listen to music for what it has of bower that makes the person happy and relax. In my country which it Oman people listening to many songs especially Arabic songs, country, and hip-hop. Usually the oldest people listen to country songs. 25 years from now people in my hometown did not know music very much, so I did not know music a lot. Although, I rarely listen to music and that when I was a child. When I was 7 years old I entered the school and there was some courses for music and that when I started recognize music. I learned many things about it. I knew that music has many types and musical scale. My experience about music started to extend, but did not go that deep because we did not had a modern technology. However, when technology came to our area and the TV and radio had spread I get the chance to listen to music a lot. After that music start to extend a lot and people got some information about music.
Sometime we have to listen to music when we are angry, worry, and fried. When I was 11 years old I listenend to Arabic music which has many songs such as a romantic, rob, and country song. Arabic songs is beautiful songs and many people in my country listen to it. First when TV and radio came out, many people start hear songs. The radio channels start to broadcast the songs and that was very big change because people…

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