Essay Music Can Change A Person 's Life

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Music Can Change a Person’s Life Has anyone thought about a song that reminded you of the past, present and future? Songs can make a change in someone’s attitude towards their feelings of life. For example, music can remind people how their experience in life, the present how things can change, and the future in regard of getting married. There are people that look at music as just a voice; music can go into more detail than that. I mean as feelings, music can bring someone down to making someone happy. When I think of music, there is one song that describes my past, present and future. Now you take some time and think of songs that remind yourself of these important times in life. Even though People may think music is not about their life, music can show a guidance in a person’s life because it will affect the past, it has affected the present, and music affects a person’s future. First, music can show a guidance in a person’s life because it can affect the past. A song that I thought of that reminded me of my past is Family Portrait by Pink. This song is important to me because it shows that I was not the only one that had a tough time growing up. There is going to people that would rather use music as therapy than going to vent to someone. I was one of them that used the music to vent. Pink uses this song to show her family problems throughout her life. The one difference that Pink had that I did not was her parents were married and mine were not. When my parents broke…

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