Music And The Music Of Listening Essay

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Throughout music we have achieved different kinds of emotions and feelings. We can feel angry at a moment, listen to music and then just relax to it. But how to understand music and the joy of listening to it? In the following, you will see how music is divided, the importance of music and what makes music. From tones, which is the living cell of music, to the objects called instruments, you will find how amazing is to love music and how to create it as well.

Melody: Musical Line. Melody is the element of music that appeals most directly to the listener. It is a succession of single pitches that we perceive as a recognizable whole. Melody can go up and down. Between these ups and downs we find the range. This distance between lowest and highest notes is called range. Range can be measured in numbers of notes (narrow, medium, or wide). At the same time we can find the contour, which is the overall shape of a melody as it turns upward, downward, or remains static. As the melody goes up and down we can find as well the intervals. This is the distance between two pitches of a melody. Intervals can be found in two ways, the small intervals which are called conjunct and are joined in a connected manner and the larger intervals called disjunct which move and are disconnected. Melody has different parts to it making it more exiting. Melody has a phrase, which is the unit of meaning within a large structure. The resting place for the melody is called cadence. I can be inconclusive…

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