Music And Dance, By Martha Graham Essay example

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Making Connections ‘Music’ and ‘dance’, while simple words, hold a world of significance to almost every culture across the globe. It is through the actions of these two elements that people are brought together in times of triumph, grievance, celebrations, and religious gatherings. Music and dance have a way of making you forget the busyness and stresses of life and find happiness and serenity in the present day. And regardless, whether music and dance are performed for an audience or done in the comfort of a home, a multitude of individuals can partake in each activity. As pronounced, America dancer, Martha Graham, once said, “Dance is the hidden language of soul” ("Martha Graham Quotes…”). Music kindles that fire in the soul and allows us to express ourselves in ways we never knew we could. Looking specifically at dance, it varies immensely from culture to culture. From who is performing, what it looks like, when it is performed, where it is performed, to why it is performed, dance can display itself in numerous ways. The dance I chose to explore and answer these questions on is Las Chiapanecas. The reason I selected this dance was because it is apart of my personal heritage. My grandma, on my mother’s side, Jane Ortega, has a lineage that traces back to Mexico and Spain. I found out that her dad was Mexican and fled from Mexico to the United States during the Mexican Revolution. On the other hand, her mom had a mixture of Spanish and Mexican roots. When interviewing…

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