Multiple Sclerosis : A Healthy Central Nervous System Essay

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Multiple Sclerosis A healthy Central Nervous System is responsible for most of the body and mind functions. The brain is the control center of the human body it’s the center of all thoughts, interpretations of our environment and has complete control over the body’s movements. It’s responsible for all sensory responses such as; sight, sound, smells, touch and taste. The spinal cord acts as a response highway which sends messages all over the body from the brain and vice versa. Any damages to the spinal cord results in a disruption between the brain and the rest of the body.
In addition, within the CNS there are two different types of cells, neurons and glia. “Neurons are the fundamental cellular unit of the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS)” (Neurocells). The functions of neurons are to process, receive, and transfer information. There are three types of neurons: Sensory neurons which are responsible for transferring information from the outside environment to the CNS, Motor neurons which transfer information from the CNS to the outside environment, and Interneurons which communicate from one neuron to the next. Furthermore, each neuron has three parts: the Dendrites which are fingerlike, receive information from other neurons or the outside environment and then transfer them to the cell body. The cell body is called the Soma and this is the part of the cell that holds all of the organelles. The third part of the neuron is the axon which…

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