Case Study In A Multicultural Classroom

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he third successful volunteer for my research study was Mr. Noah (a pseudonym). Mr. Noah who identified his , name , age and affiliated institution in the optional fields of the informed consent form is a professor holding a PHD and has been teaching for more than 25 years. However, he was selected for the study because he spent significant years teaching in city college of Chicago (CCC). He also has a good experience in dealing with student from multicultural backgrounds in different universities in the state of Illinois and different parts of the nation.

In spite of his busy schedule and commitments, Mr. Noah was very generous in dedicating his time to serve the goals of my study. It took two weeks before Mr. Noah set a final schedule
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The first question was about the challenges the teachers face in governing multicultural classrooms. Mr. Noah responded by saying that" see, personally I do not have too much cultural conflicts in multicultural classrooms that I have dealt with during my academic life . However, the first thing that may come to my mind is language. For two many people, English is the second language. As, you know they take long time to master the language and some may take for the whole life ". Noah continued saying" I will say that the people who are dealing with the diversity should be very sensetive and they need to talk in a simple English Language and do not use too many slangs" . He explained " as you know, slangs are in a country like this when you have more locals and all that. So, there will be complexly complex list if you use some of the …show more content…
Noah moved to another challenge stating that "The other thing which I think on hand is people are coming from different backgrounds, different cultural backgrounds, and economical backgrounds. so, some of people who come to school for the first time or colleges so you will be have to be passionate . Take all these into consideration and it can be opened to manage typothetical teaching skills you know. " He continued "so, teacher needs different skills,. For example, some persons can be very good orally you know, some people can be good in written and so on. And many people especially who are not professional in English, they will be shy orally or verbally. But they can be better in writing and more time most of the writing." He concluded his remark stating that "so, those things need to be considered. I hope be able to answer adequately but this wide range you can talk forever.. Then he recalled saying" The other thing that I think is language is very important . The other thing is that you will have to take into consideration also from different cultures in the classroom coming , you should be respectful to your students not matter what culture that coming from. Like some of people from some cultures might be shy in talking . When talking to you face to face ,eye to eye. Because on those cultures they can not raise heads and talk to eye to eye. It is not considered well so do not push the guys that they are really very shy to present you face to face. So people

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