Mughal Empire Essay

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Mughal Empire’s Rise & Decline
Many nations tend to start off slowly building an empire or a kingdom but it takes rulers and followers to up keep the regulations and tradition in order for it to flourish. Without the work of battles, political advancements and forming connections with other countries a nation cannot survive on its own which eventually leads to its downfall. According to the reading of Talbot and Asher it is clear to see why they concluded the late seventeenth century as a time to prove a “high tide mark from which the fortunes of the Mughal Empire quickly receded.” The Mughal Empire was one of the greatest periods in South Asian history in terms of political gains, new alliances and improvement of society as well as
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His political component was the separate taxes for Muslims and Hindu which created dislike for this policy because many were in favor of the uniform tax codes which were established since the time of Akbar. Another important component of his time is his religious Islamic orthodox beliefs which according the text was considered “a death knell to the arts under the Mughals.” The ruler ship of Aurangzeb marked a time of great accomplishments mostly because he spent his last years determined to take out the Marathas, who apparently were not complying with the Mughal Empire but instead working against them to make situations worse. There were cases in which families were constantly switching sides as to who they were going to support be it the Mughals or the Marathas. After the death of Aurangzeb his sons and grandsons were left to deal with territories to the north. Consequently there were major problems arising with new group which caused irregulaties in revenues which was later resolved by Murshid Quli Khan.
During the later years there were fights over land which was causing a greater problem for the empire as a whole. There was less and less money coming in to sustain a standard living which was due to the taxes imposed upon the people. Another situation that severely impacted the empire was the influx of mansabdars from the Deccan. The Mughal were trying to have the Marathas join

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