Mu 2.8 Contribute to the Support of the Positive Environment for Children

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Task 1 (1.1)
The employees’ roles and responsibilities are to stop and control the infection spreading. To stop this we will have to work safely. In the work setting is our responsibility to keep children safe. * Company with health and safety policies and procedures. * Keep to safe working practises. * Use any safety equipment that is provided.
The employer’s responsibilities are to look after the work place and see if employees are doing their work. Also they have to stop infections and germs. They have to provide safety equipment and do risk assessments to see if anything happen they know what is safe and what is not safe. * Ensure workplace is safe and healthy. * Consider welfare of employees. *
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One of them is that we want to protect our employees from getting any injury, illnesses and fatalities. Also PPE protects our skin and from getting any cut.
If you got PPE on when there is fire in the nursery you can go inside very easily and look for any kids and if there is you can take them out but if you not wearing it then it’s hard to go inside.



The employees’ responsibilities are to attend all the training lessons to learn how to use PPE. They have to wear the right PPE that they have been given. They have to follow all the rules regarding PPE and also they have to follow all warnings and precautions. They must listen carefully and follow all the directions given by their manager or supervisor.


The employer’s responsibilities are to do assessments and also the employer must have the records of the workplace assessment and of the employees training.


When you taking of you PPE you have to be very careful with it because it has all the germs, acids and diseases. There are instructions to follow to take off the PPE. You have to avoid contamination of your own self and of others too. After taking off the PPE you must perform hand hygiene.


Task 6 (6.1)

The key principles of good hygiene are to take care of your body by having bath, washing hands properly and keeping your body healthy. Also you should keep your house clean and where you work.





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