Ms Office vs Google Docs Essay

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Microsoft Office & Google Docs

Once upon a time, choices were easier. If you wanted software to support word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations for your organization, traditional installed office software like Microsoft Office was the almost ever-present choice.
Over the past couple of weeks I have been testing and comparing Microsoft Office and Google Docs.
I have been analyzing the functionality, user friendliness, start-up cost, maintenance cost, and few of the options that each provides. I have used both types in a personal as well as in a business setting.

The answer to the question of which of these tools is likely to work best for you and your company is not a clear black and white one? You may find that one is
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If your company qualifies for level-2 purchases, the price goes down to $35.00 per user license when purchased from selected vendors

The installation is tedious and can usually only be done by the company IT department because of the need for admistrator rights and registration. As a private user, you could install the application yourself; however the initial cost would be at least $89.00. You must also have access to the internet to activate the software or will be restricted to a 30 days trial (You will have to call Microsoft and get an authorization code if you do not have web access)

Advantages of Microsoft Office:

• Microsoft word is the standard. Microsoft word is the most commonly used word processor and has become the industry standard. Most people are familiar with this great program and like to stick with what we know best.
• New versions of Word decrease the risk of corrupt files and contain an auto recovery feature, in case of an error within other aspects of the computer.
• There is a wide variety of functions available on Microsoft Office that makes a document effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Office:

• Word 2007 and other programs such as Notepad have many different features. When being viewed in different programs, the format and content may change the document.
• Sending back and

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