Essay On Electronic Health Records

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Electronic health records provide a very efficient mode of communication in the healthcare field. In addition to allowing for a quick access to patient information, such records also minimize the chances of human errors. In such a system, physicians never have to worry about eligibility and correctness of files. Costly mistakes because of inaccurate file storage are minimal in this mode of record storage. Unlike paper health records that are prone to loss and damage, electronic health records are safer and more secure (Brokel, 2009). Moreover, electronic health records reduce the administrative role of healthcare providers, which enables them to dedicate more time to their patients. Unlike with paper records whereby health professionals spend too much time searching and retrieving patient information from files. In terms of cost-effectiveness, electronic health records are far more economical as the information of several patients can be consolidated into just a single computer system (Thede & Sewell, 2010). Paper-based systems on the other hand require endless procurement and purchasing of papers and files. Another advantage of the electronic health recording system is that it saves valuable time. Physicians are able to send prescriptions electronically hence reducing waiting times. …show more content…
This implies that incase an individual falls ill or is injured while travelling; there is a capability to access his or her medical records and action taken without any delays. This is critical especially in cases whereby a patient is allergic to certain medications yet may not be in a position to speak for themselves and therefore their medical history will guide doctors in decision making (Stoten, 2009). This is a clear elaboration of how electronic health records can be life

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