Ms. Bellerice Denied Marcus Essay

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Ms. Bellerice denied Marcus has a history of severe medical conditions. She indicated his last physical examination was in August of 2016 and shared his last dental check-up was one year ago. The youth’s mother reported Marcus has a history of asthma and was prescribed Albuterol, which is only taken as needed. Ms. Bellerice noted that Marcus complains of frequent headaches. She indicated per Marcus’s primary physician, further assessment is needed to determine the cause. According to Ms. Bellerice, Marcus is currently not taking any prescribed medications. When asked about familial medical issues/concerns the mother reported on Marcus’s maternal side there is a history of migraines. She noted that her his two siblings suffered with migraine during their childhood.

Regarding mental health issues, Ms. Bellerice revealed Marcus’ sister was diagnosed with a Developmental Disorder. During the interview with Marcus, he reported receiving individual therapy in the first grade, for academic assistance. Both Marcus and his mother reported he had been attending individual therapy once weekly for behavioral issues for a period of three months. Reportedly, Ms. Bellerice noted Marcus was referred by DCF to seek therapy for his behavioral issues after he made reported to his teacher that she had threatened to choke him. The youth was asked if therapy is helpful, for which he replied, “not really, it did not change anything.” He asserted it was not rewarding. Marcus denied participating…

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