Nt1310 Unit 5 Lab Report

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The laboratory’s proposed action and activities already taken to the noted deficiencies are noted below.

Item 1. Chain of custody (COC) G1505428 did not list the requested parameters for analysis. The sample had been in house for several weeks and had not been through the laboratory's second level review process at the time of the inspection. In addition, several COC's were observed to be from outdated revisions. If a COC is incomplete and/or outdated, it is difficult for the laboratory to establish a clear and complete record of sample custody and for the auditor to ensure that laboratory quality control procedures are effective. (47 CSR32 5.2.1.c.)

The lab has implemented use of pre-filled COCs for clients who tend
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Multiple thermometers (ATCs on Alkalinity, Sp. Conductance, pH, COD digestion block thermometers, etc.) were not being verified as accurate at the required frequencies. "liquid column in glass and electronic type thermometers without a current manufacturer's certificate of accuracy must be verified as accurate annually. All other types, to include Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) devices, must be verified as accurate quarterly." (47 CSR32 4.2.7.c) This is a repeat deficiency.

To correct this deficiency, the lab has designated the Micro Supervisor (instead of the QA Coordinator) to oversee calibration checks of all thermometers. Senior Group Leaders will be responsible to contact him. Enclosed find temperature checks for those devices that were not verified at the required frequency Also, SOP I-5125 was revised to note that the automatic temperature compensation on the titrimeter is verified on a quarterly basis (see Item 7).

Item 5. The quality control samples {CCV, CCB, QCS, etc.} prescribed in SM2020 2.b. and listed in Table 2020:1 are not being analyzed and evaluated for Conductivity by SM2510 B-11 and Alkalinity by SM2320 B-11. Analytical quality control must be utilized as prescribed in standard methods.

To correct this deficiency, the lab has taken steps to include additional QC samples prescribed in SM2020 2.b., Conductivity by SM2510 B-11 and Alkalinity by SM2320 B-11. Enclosed find training documentation to eliminate this

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