Mrs. Fields' Cookies Case Study Essay examples

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Describe a typical day at work at Mrs. Fields’ Cookies for Store manager, District manager, Regional director of operations, Store controller and for Debbi and Randy Fields.
Answer to question#1 Store manager performs the following tasks at work:
➢ Enters workday characteristics for the system to structure overall tasks.
➢ Schedules production, including inventory management.
➢ Hires new employees. District manager performs the following tasks at work:
➢ Manages 6 stores (6 store managers are reporting to him/her).
➢ Reviews 50 pages of store reports.
➢ Reviews and set quotas (amount of bonus a store manager could make) for each of his/her 6 stores.
➢ Involves in local marketing decisions. Regional director of
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Fields’ Cookies was a part of the sweet snack industry. It was considered specialty sweet snack food. We believe that it will be easy for new businesses to enter the market and thus to maintain a competitive advantage Mrs. Fields’ cookies will require large investment, well-defined business strategy, perfectly implemented information system and of course considerable time frame to establish themselves as well-known cookies makers. Thus, we believe there is a high threat of new entrants.
Bargaining power of buyers We believe that the customer has high bargaining power because specialty cookie, for many consumers could be a superior goods, but not necessarily a necessity goods. The customer does not have any switching cost if he/she does not like it, or if he/she finds that the price to be too high. Further in such situations, it becomes very important for the firm to understand its customers and target market to sustain in the competitive environment.
Bargaining power of suppliers We believe that the supplier has high bargaining power because Mrs. Fields’ Cookies bought its main ingredient, chocolate, from the same supplier for 10 years. On one hand this practice may help the supplier understand and manage its inventories, but on the other hand we assume that this could make it difficult for Mrs. Fields’ Cookies to change chocolate supplier not only in terms of establishing a business relationship with a new supplier

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