Essay on Movie Review : Superhero Uc Prompts

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Superhero UC Prompts - Respond to each prompt. Make sure you relate each response to an aspect of your superhero. Write your response in the color of your superhero. You can use the “Things to consider” and questions under each prompt to brainstorm ideas. Turn in to the Google classroom!
1. Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. How can you represent these leadership abilities in the superhero version of yourself?
I was once the leader of a group that had to do a “Human Body Project” during my freshman year of high school. Due to this project, where the group members each had their own roles to play, I was able to experience a leadership role and learn what it means to be a true “leader.” For the project, each member was supposed to research a part of the human body and write an essay on the part they researched. At first I thought that being a leader meant I had to order people around, but I later changed my views and learned that being a leader meant that you help people with their struggles but not doing all of their work for them. Being a leader also meant that I had to sometimes let my group members solve their own problems do they could learn quicker. I also had the responsibility to guide my group members towards the right direction. This experience represents my leadership abilities in the superhero version of myself because it shows…

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