Short Term 12 Destin Cretton

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The movie Short Term 12 by Destin Cretton is an excellent American fictional piece of work featuring an outstanding performance by one of the best actresses, Brie Larson. In the film, she takes the character of Grace who is a counselor at a facility for children that have experienced some form of abuse. The kids seem quite unstable, and every day Grace takes a ride to work on a bicycle and on her arrival she embarks on her job of helping the young kids in managing their psychological issues. Some of the children have a negative attitude, and it is quite difficult for her to convince them to accept their problem "Your attitude is not helping either one of us” Grace says to one of the teens in a scene. The movie is an inspiration considering …show more content…
The children abusers are not featured since the audience does not see them or the evil done, but the consequences it has on the children. Mason must deal with Grace and handle her carefully since she has flashbacks of terrible past experiences in her life when she is dealing with the children. Mason also plays his role very well showing that a counselor must be strong enough to deal with the kids ' emotions. The music used in the movie tries to ease the pain in the traumatized kids and lighten it. The audience is shaken but assured that the children will get well and resume normal lives.
I do not agree with the review of the movie by Peter Bradshaw in since it gave it a low rating of 40 percent (Larson and Turan: The Guardian: Peter Bradshaw). The film can be classified, as a drama that pulls the viewers into understanding the perspectives of the young children who have been neglected, yet Bradshaw feels that it is inauthentic. To me, it is a fantastic movie and informing to parents to care for their children. However, the review does not reveal the strengths of the entire work hence its low

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