Essay on Movie Analysis : Super Size Me

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Oversized children repeatedly singing, “Mcdonald’s, Mcdonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!” (Super Size Me, 2004). This was the opening scene to the well known documentary that shocked Americans and other viewers, possibly even leaving them in disgust. Super Size Me, written and directed by American documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, was a film about a constant growing problem in America, obesity. During the time of the film, obesity was the second leading cost of preventable deaths, after smoking. During the making of the film, nearly 100 million Americans were either overweight or obese, over 60% of U.S. adults. This film was inspired by the lawsuit towards Mcdonald’s by two obese girls in 2003; Jazlyn Bradley who was 19, 5’6, and 270 pounds, and Ashley Pelman who was 14, 4’10, and 170 pounds. They blamed McDonald’s for causing such damage to their bodies, but the judge said that the lawyers may be able to state a claim if that McDonald 's intends for people to eat its food for every meal of every day and that doing so would be unreasonably dangerous. This inspired Spurlock to document his journey with his McDiet, a 30 days plan to eat nothing else but food purchased from McDonald’s, including bottled water; He also had to abandon any form of exercise besides the average walking distances of most americans and had to supersize meal every time he was asked to. In the course of this time, Spurlock gained a ridiculous amount of weight, had his cholesterol…

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