Movie Analysis : Bloody Andrew Jackson Essay

766 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Every time I think of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, the first thing that comes into my mind is, “POPULISM YEA YEA!” When I saw Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson for the first time at the Clayton Performing Arts Center, I was very impressed with the overall production of such a complex, extreme play. In detail, I plan to discuss the fantastic key components that the director included such as: the overall overview, performance, and design layout that ultimately allows individuals, like me, to get a better understanding of the play Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.
In the play of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, the main goal of the play was to tell the life story of Andrew Jackson through an emo, rock, satirical way. Furthermore, the play discusses the role of “populism” in the eyes of the seventh president of the United States and makes parallels to today’s political atmosphere. By making these parallels, it is easily obtained that the main goal of Bloody Boody Andrew Jackson was to show clear parallels to this year’s election cycle.
The overall production of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was very successful. To add, I believe the director did a great job condensing Andrew Jackson’s full life and presidency into an hour and thirty minutes. With that being said, the only thing I felt unprepared for was the lack of background story of Andrew Jackson. At first while watching the play, I did not really make these connections because I was so wrapped up in the introduction; however, when I…

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