Movie Analysis : Atlas De Geografia Humana Essay

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Atlas de geografía humana is a 2007 film written and directed by Azucena Rodríguez (b. 1955) in collaboration with the scriptwriter Nicólas Saad. The film adapts the homonymous novel of celebrated author Almudena Grandes (1998), who also collaborates in the script, and focuses on the life of a group of women between their thirties and forties working together in a publishing company. With a strong female presence in front and behind the camera (original novel, director and protagonists, among others), Atlas de geografía humana is a contemporary woman’s film exploring the romantic, domestic and working expectations and changes of four women in the present day society.
Rosa, Ana, Marisa and Fran (played respectively by Montse Germán, Cuca Escribano, María Bouzas and Rosa Vila) work hard preparing the publication of an atlas book. As working women, they combine their job with their private and family life at home, dealing with the everyday difficulties and joys of their roles as wives, mothers and/or lovers. Beyond their professional relationship, the four women are also good friends; inside and outside the office, they support each other and share their problems, doubts and happiness.
Rosa is a married woman, mother of two children, who after many years of marriage realises she is not happy with her husband and her current life. A brief affair with a married photographer, the good-looking and womaniser Nacho, makes Rosa feel alive again, but their relationships does not…

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