Mount Everest Climbers Essay

According to this case, ever since the 1985 expedition on Mount Everest, an increasing number of less experienced climbers started to challenge the Mount Everest, in order to reduce the risk, they chose to hire some highly skilled mountaineers to be their guides. In 1996, Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness, two companies that offer climbing instruction and guide expeditions to fresh climbers, each organized a group with fresh climbers and skilled mountaineers who was interested in conquering the highest peaks in the world. Both teams planned to reach the summit of Mount Everest and finally came back alive as heroes. However, five climbers ended up dead or disappeared on Mount Everest after they successfully reached the summit. Because …show more content…
However, to my understanding, they did make some poor decision during the whole climbing process. For example, during the journey to base camp, Fischer decided to spent most of his time on resolving some unexpected logistical problems rather than planning the team’s course of action or acclimating himself properly to the higher altitude. He knew clearly that most of his clients are less experienced climbers, and it is dangerous to all of them if he did not do the planning the course of action for them. What’s more, when they suffered a bad weather, both of them decided to continue climbing because they historical statistics and their own personal experience reflected that “it is calm after a squall like this”, they just automatically made programmed decisions about the oxygen problem and the radios issue as well, because their knowledge and experience allow them to identify this situation and the course of action that needs to be taken, which, in my own word, is because that they were overconfident about themselves. Also, both of them failed in conquering the Mount Everest with their clients before, so they desperately urged to succeed this time, which may affect their decision-making process.

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